Metro Manila

It's perhaps the busy nature of Manila that makes it such a sight for all colors of life. Bianca takes delight in exploring the many dimensions of living in the city, and she's always aimed to capture as honest an image as possible of Metro Manila in all its colors - be it the harshness of life, the glee despite hardships, and the sheer adventure it offers its citizens.


Having traveled herself, Bianca knows the delight we see in new environments is everyday life for their locales. Bianca bridges the gap of busy cityscapes and the serene rural regions of the country with photographs that showcase the calm, peaceful, and serene life of people beyond buildings, condominiums, and high rises.


Nothing compares to the energy of crowds in special moments, and Bianca loves the idea of immortalizing these memories. Bianca's approach to event photography lets her capture the vigor and energy in concerts, the action and movement in sports and dance, and the serenity and warmth of life's special moments.


When 12-year-old Bianca Galang first touched a camera, she hasn't stopped taking photos since. 10 years later, Bianca has always had a penchant in capturing the many realities of life - be it with her trusty 2MP-camera, her first DSLR at 18, and her many tools in recent years.

Bianca has a thing for experimentation, and she's been exploring various photography and videography styles whenever there's opportunity. Her passion for travel and exploring history fueled her fascination in street photography and documentary filmmaking. As such, she's developed a specialization in film production, events and travel photography, and film studies. Her heart also has a special place for local and independent cinema. In 2017, Bianca's experimental documentary film "Disconnected" was featured in Rolando Tolentino's "Tagay: Lunsad ng Wagi/Sawi at 10 Pang Libro" launch.

Bianca holds a Multimedia Arts and Sciences degree from MapĂșa University and currently working as a photo editor, honing her skills in photo editing and photo manipulation. She also spends time refining her eye on photography, as well as her filmmaking skills.

While taking a breather from filmmaking, Bianca has been continuously exploring new avenues of capturing and expressing life's moments through her personal lens.